Bylaws Update from Board of Directors

Posted By: Nick Marin WMFHA Updates,

WMFHA’s Board of Directors, at their meeting on July 20th, approved a new version of the association’s bylaws, a 22-page document that serves as the organization’s operating manual.  Crafted and revised for over 6 months by Nick Marin, at the direction of the Executive Board of Directors, this newest version better aligns with the organization’s short- and long-term strategic goals.  

Many of the necessary revisions made were done to add clarity and detail to already existing policies and procedures deployed by WMFHA, but the one significant addition that is telling of the direction in which WMFHA is heading was the inclusion of a new membership classification – Property Ownership Groups.  

Previously, WMFHA had 4 membership classifications – Property Management, Property, Supplier, and Chapter members – but with the addition of Property Ownership groups, we invite a new, important group of multi-family industry professionals into our association that are seeking advocacy, training, and event opportunities.

Ownership groups already exist within the membership of WMFHA, but by creating a separate classification, we’ll be able to tailor training and events that are more specific to the wants and needs of multi-family owners.  

In addition, opening our membership offerings to ownership groups significantly strengthens and enhances our government affairs efforts, as we now represent a more diverse group of multi-family industry members and their interests.

I want to thank the WMFHA Board of Directors for seeing the need for and importance of not just including ownership group members into our association, but all of the edits necessary for this version of the bylaws.  As we move forward in our strategic goals, we’ll continue to see further advancement in our efforts to reach more multi-family members in every region of Washington State.