Changes to Fitness Center Amenity Guidance

Posted By: Brett Waller Advocacy News, COVID-19 Resource Center,

This week Governor Inslee updated Guidance related to the use of indoor fitness centers including gyms, fitness studios, and multi-use indoor fitness facilities, etc. The updated Guidance can be found here. This applies to all counties in Phase 2 of the Governor's Safe Start Program. 

The Guidance makes clear that indoor fitness and sports activities can resume other than personal training, group fitness classes, and sports training, but requires certain restrictions. The Guidance continues to refer specifically to staffed facilities in multiple locations.  

Any individual exercising indoors must be able to maintain at least 300 square feet of distance from any other person. A simple way to determine this distance is to walk 17 feet in one direction, turn right, and walk 17 feet again. This minimum distance must be calculated for every room in the indoor fitness area.  When strict physical distancing is not feasible for a specific, limited-duration task, such as walking in hallways, using restrooms, or safety monitoring, other prevention measures are required such as face coverings, alternating access, and physical barriers, when appropriate.

Showers, hot-tubs, saunas, steam rooms, tanning beds, squash courts, and racquetball courts are closed and their use prohibited. Locker room use is limited to hand washing and use of restrooms only. 

Face masks must also be worn at all times inside except while engaged in strenuous exercise.  

For additional information for businesses about the Governor's Safe Start Re-Opening Plan visit the Governor's website.  

Governor Inslee's Website

****Update: The Governor subsequently released FAQ, specifically addressing unstaffed private facilities in apartment communities. 

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