Credential Holder Spotlight: Becky Sanders, CAPS

Posted By: Sloane Cerbana Industry Trends, WMFHA Updates,

I have been in the multifamily housing industry for 25 years this September, beginning my career as a Leasing Agent. I am now an Asset Manager with First Pointe Management Group, overseeing our Washington Portfolio. Over the years I have worked in Fee Management and Owner Managed, with all styles of product and with hundreds of your bright smiling faces. I have also had the pleasure to serve on WMFHA’s Board of Directors for the past 6 years, their Executive Committee, and at a national level on multiple NAA committees. I am a member of the NAA Education Institute Faculty and teach one day of CAM annually. I hold a degree in Business Administration.

What inspired you to get your credential?

I attended college as an adult and found I absolutely love to learn and grow. During this time I was also serving on the Education Committee with WMFHA so I was part of promoting the credential programs. It was a natural next step to want to enroll in the course. I am an alumnus for the 2nd CAPS course ever offered in Washington! It was taught by the amazing Sue Weston, and would you believe I see her all the time at national events and she always remembers me! It was one of the best experiences of my career.

How has your credential added value to your career?

There is the obvious, I learned what I didn’t know. It absolutely enhanced my professional development. CAPS allows you to see your role on a global level which is amazing. Then there are the friendships and professional contacts. I took the course with dozens of professionals I see regularly in the industry, and that was six years ago! We share industry news, coffee, help answer questions, you name it. The networking opportunities will last a lifetime. Then there are bragging rights, of course. Not everyone has a ribbon on their name badge!

That said, I think overall the most value CAPS has brought to my career has been its influence on my team. I have at least two team members a year strive to earn their designation because they greatly value their professional development and they know being a credential holder myself, I am 100% behind them! I can’t tell you how amazing it is to work with credential holders; they are talented, educated and absolutely enhance our operations. Their excitement about their career is contagious! This year we have two enrolled in CAPS, one of which already holds a CAM, and two enrolled in CAMT. It makes me so proud!