Credential Spotlight: Shawn Hereth, CAMT

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I have lived in Western Washington for the majority of my life. I have worked in maintenance for a total of 6 years. Five of those years were with Thrive. Before that, I was a carpet cleaning technician which is how I learned about this field and became inspired to apply to get into maintenance. I started out as a technician, but was basically a groundskeeper and worked my way up from there. The reason I enjoy maintenance so much is every day is different, I have steady hours which allows me to spend time with family, and I enjoy learning new things and I never stop learning in this field. In my time off I love hiking, exploring new places, and foraging.

What inspired you to get your credentials?

I had been in maintenance for about 2 years before I even heard of CAMT. I had gotten my CPO and was asking a friend what else can I get to make me more valuable as a maintenance technician and he told me the best thing I could get would probably be my CAMT. So I researched it, and the next time WMFHA had a scholarship up I signed up for it and won a partial scholarship! I was really excited about it. I was planning on paying for it without a scholarship but since it can be costly it helped me tremendously. In the end, I knew I planned on being in maintenance for some time if not for life. So I'm going to learn everything I can and become the best at this job I can be. The CAMT is a great step in the right direction if you're trying to make a career out of maintenance for multifamily housing.

How have your credentials helped you the most?

To be honest I think of it a lot like my Eagle Scout rank. It shows that you have dedicated yourself to something. Everyone can say they are honest, trustworthy, and loyal. But the rank proves it without you having to say it. With CAMT behind my name, it gives people the idea that I know the core of my job and I take this career seriously without having to say it. The thing I valued the most from my CAMT course would be the ability to pick the minds of professional HVAC, plumbing, and electrical technicians and also learning from my peers. I'm not joking when I say I probably learned just as much from my classmates as I did from the content of the class.

Based on the knowledge you gained during the course, what advice would you give to your peers who want to grow their careers?

Some of the best advice I have received in this industry was from a regional who said, "when people come to me and tell me they want a raise or a promotion. I ask them what are you doing or what have you done to earn that promotion or raise?" This is so true. If you want to move up you have to take your career into your own hands and work hard for it. Sometimes promotions will fall into your lap. But that is not normal and you definitely shouldn't rely on it. Get out there and get your credentials so you can move up in your career! These class experiences, networking, and time in the industry together will give you the confidence needed to achieve your goals. Talk the talk and walk the walk!