Election Season is upon us

Posted By: Carter Nelson Advocacy News,

We are already actively engaged in the Washington gubernatorial race, as well as following many other races across our state as candidates announce. This is where the WMFHA PAC plays a pivotal role for us. Our PAC dollars go to champions of the multifamily housing and those who make sure we have a seat at the table.

Members in both bodies were instrumental in stopping rent control, all of which we have supported, met with regularly and helped get elected.  Especially instrumental were Senators Cleveland, Van De Wege and Mullet.  Without their leadership and the hard votes they took, rent control would have passed this year. It is imperative we continue to support those who support us and help get them elected.  If you do not participate in the PAC you are passively helping rent control become a reality in the future. (If our members choose to not participate in our PAC efforts, they are signaling that these legislative changes are not a priority. Not only does the financial support help us contribute to candidates, it allows us to speak to the strength of our membership behind us. We need our members to buy in to be most effective for you.

Our time to stop rent control in 2025, is now. Please contribute today!

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