Federal Way Seeks New Housing Business License Fee

Posted By: Brett Waller Advocacy News,
Tonight, the Federal Way City Council will consider new sizable fees on multifamily developments, including those that offer on-site accessory parking or storage units to residents.  

Added fees are impediments to housing affordability. The city already assesses astronomical impact fees to discourage the construction of additional multifamily developments within city limits. 

Contact the City Council to let them know new fees make housing more expensive.  

The proposed increased housing business license fee: 
  • Increases the cost of housing and makes housing production more expensive
  • Conflicts with the city's own Comprehensive Plan policies, which are:
    • Encourage housing opportunities in commercial/residential mixed-use settings.
    • Provide housing opportunities close to employment. (CCG6)
    • Encourage the availability of affordable housing to all economic segments of the population of this state, promote a variety of residential densities and housing types and encourage preservation of existing housing stock. (CCG7)
    • Continue to support land use regulations that allow higher intensity development expected over the next 15 to 30 years. (CCP3)
    • Provide incentives to encourage residential development in the city center. (CCP8)
    • Continue to develop land use regulations that encourage the city center to accommodate higher density residential uses accompanied by residential-oriented retail and service uses. (CCP10)