Four Legislators Join Post Session Webinar

Posted By: Ryan Makinster Advocacy News,

If you build it, they will come. Whether that refers to WMFHA’s recent Legislative Session Wrap-Up Webinar or the robust state level advocacy program, we’ll take it.  Senators Annette (D-Vancouver) and Chris Gildon (R-Puyallup) and Representatives Andrew Barkis (R-Lacey) and Amy Walen (D-Kirkland) joined WMFHA members on April 3rd to share their views on the recently concluded legislative session and what they expect during the coming elections and next session. They spoke of the need to work together across legislative bodies and party lines to address the issues facing our state.  Highlighting the housing crisis, they agreed that supply was the issue and that many of the short-term solutions put forward over recent years, including rent control, are not the answer. As pragmatic leaders on both sides of the aisle they spoke about finding economically viable long-term solutions rather than ideologically driven short term answers.

All champions of our industry, they were quick to highlight their ability to work together as well as their desire to continue finding bi-partisan solutions to the housing crisis. In addition to robust roundtable discussion anchored by the legislators, WMFHA Director of Government Affairs Ryan Makinster gave a brief on the legislative outcome of thesession while WMFHA lobbyist Krystelle Purkey highlighted the upcoming election and the need for WMFHA and its members to get involved personally and financially with the upcoming legislative and gubernatorial races. With dozens of members leaving the legislature, including some of WMFHA’s strongest allies, it is imperative that we engage in races across the state. For more information on how to get involved contact Ryan Makinster.

Legislative Session Wrap-Up Webinar Recording

Legislative Session Wrap-Up Webinar Slide Deck