WMFHA PAC Chooses to Support Those That Support Us

Posted By: Ryan Makinster Advocacy News,

The WMFHA PAC works to get multi-family friendly officials elected to office. With damaging legislation on the rise, WMFHA PAC is more important than ever. At a recent WMFHA PAC meeting members voted to financially support the following campaigns and groups:

Jim Henderson –  LD 26 (House)
Rep. Dan Bronoske – LD 28 (House)
Rep. Mike Chapman – LD 24 (Senate)
Rep. Amy Walen - LD 48 (House)
Jackson Legacy Fund - Pragmatic Democratic Leadership Group
Enterprise Washington - Bi-partisan Pro-Business Group

WMFHA PAC meets monthly to direct the campaign and election advocacy efforts of WMFHA and the GA staff. They are responsible for reviewing candidates’ qualifications for financial support and making recommendations for WMFHA candidate endorsements. Interested in learning more about candidates for state and local office and helping decide the next election?  Reach out to Carter Nelson to learn more about becoming a PAC Board member.

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