HB 1124 - Residential Rent and Fees

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Protecting tenants from excessive rent and related fees by providing at least six months' notice for rent increases over a certain amount, allowing tenants the right to terminate a tenancy without penalty, and limiting late fees.

Bill Information

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Status: In (H) Rules

What the bill does:

  • Rent increase greater than 5% require a notice between 180 and 220 days before increase takes effect
  • Tenant may terminate the tenancy at any point prior to the effective date of the increase by providing:
    • 20 days' notice for a month-to-month or periodic tenancy
    • 45 days' notice for a tenancy of a specified period
  • Tenant shall only owe pro rata rent through the date upon which the tenant surrenders the premises
  • Limits late rental payment fees to the lesser of 10 percent of the rental amount or $75 total.
  • Landlord found in violation could be responsible for:
    • Actual damages,
    • Treble damages, and
    • Attorneys’ fees

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Current Version Changes -The original bill limited late rental payment fees for tenancies covered by the RLTA to $75 total. The substitute bill limits late rental payment fees to the lesser of 10 percent of the rental amount, excluding utility charges, or $75 total and extends the late fee limits to
tenancies covered by the MHLTA.
The substitute bill also excludes any utility charges in calculating the 5 percent threshold for requiring landlord notice and allowing a tenant to terminate the tenancy.