Interview with Chioni Ramsey, Marketing and Events Specialist for Xfinity Communities

Posted By: Jack Blaising (deleted) Articles, Industry Trends,

Can you tell me a bit about your role working with the multifamily housing industry/Xfinity Communities Team? 

I started in a sales call center role at Comcast and began developing marketing events for that side of our business. Those experiences led me to pursue a master’s degree in marketing and eventually this brand new role with Xfinity Communities, that I’ve been able to define and build out. 

A key part of my job is doing the research in the field and understanding what our multifamily managers, construction teams, and industry counterparts need from our business. I take those insights and help our Xfinity Communities team better understand how to service and support the industry here in WA state. 


How has working in the multifamily housing industry added value to your career?

I love connecting with the people and organizations within WMFHA to understand their needs. This allows me to help Xfinity Communities' reps provide the best support possible to members and tenants.  

Additionally, each building we serve is unique, and I get to create tailored events that showcase Xfinity services for residents, in the comfort of their own building. There is a lot of flexibility and creative freedom, which is ideal for me as marketer.  


As a technology provider representative, what is the best part about working with WMFHA?

The Xfinity technology brand has evolved over the last several years and it is a great feeling to offer the housing industry the best technology and services possible. From our gigabit internet network, to our xFi Wi-Fi Management Platform, to X1 and Xfinity Home products – you really can’t beat what we offer. Finding that perfect package for our property owners and their tenants and getting them exactly what they need is a terrific feeling.  


What would you want others in the multifamily housing industry to know about Comcast or Xfinity Communities? 

We are proud to service your buildings and clients and love collaborating and supporting local communities – including nonprofits! 

We donated $6 million and provided 23,000 hours of support in WA in 2018 alone. And it’s not just writing a check, we are deeply involved with each charity or nonprofit we work with. 


Do you have any words of wisdom to offer to others in the multifamily housing industry or just general career advice?

Be curious and try different things until you find something you truly enjoy doing! I’ve worked in different roles in the Comcast/Xfinity family and those experiences prepared me for the role I have today.  I’ve learned so much about key parts of the multifamily housing industry like construction processes, bringing services to communities, working with building managers and interacting with tenants, thanks to this mantra. 


Who is your biggest inspiration? 

My first supervisor when I joined the Xfinity Communities Yvonne Pack. She helped me acclimate to the multifamily housing industry. Beyond that, she taught be to be fearless and take on any challenges that come my way.  It inspired me to take control of my new role, which was a brand new position, and find a way to build trust with building managers, tenants, and the other key players in our industry.