Landlord Story: NW Select Real Estate

Posted By: Cassandra Haavisto Advocacy News, Articles, COVID-19 Resource Center,
The economic impacts of the coronavirus are placing new challenges on both residents and housing providers who must work together to find solutions during this difficult time. Now more than ever, we need to do everything we can to help people remain in their homes while we ensure that our apartment communities continue operate.

Northwest Select Real Estate Services (NWSRES) operates a small management company overseeing 20 properties between Burien and Bothell. We specialize in reasonably priced units in desirable areas.

“Working closely with residents and maintaining open communication is part of how we operate our business.” -Cassandra Haavisto, Principal

But COVID-19 has put this in a new perspective. 

“Everything is uncertain right now. We want to make sure people can stay in their home.”

Northwest Select has taken a number of steps to support residents including eliminating rent increases, stopping evictions for three months, offering lease renewals with no increase to the rent, creating payment plans, and sharing available government and community resources for financial assistance. Relationships and communication have been key during this time.

“We are trying to eliminate the fear of reaching out to your landlord if you can’t pay your rent. If there is a will to find a solution together, we can make it work.” 

While staff is working on an altered schedule to avoid contact as much as possible, they are also going above and beyond to provide enhanced support for residents. Staff members are actively reaching out to all residents on a regular basis, even more frequently as needed, and are watching for signs of increased isolation. NWSRES has even offered support by grocery shopping or helping residents with other day-to-day needs. 

“We pride ourselves on being human,” Haavisto says. “A lot of companies may not have the ability to execute the things we are doing, but we’re proud that we are able to offer these services.” 

Northwest Select is one of our many members who are doing everything they can to support their residents as we continue to address the impacts of the outbreak across our state.