Last Week of Session

Posted By: Ryan Makinster Advocacy News,

With less than 4 days left in session, it looks like we only have one major bill left in play, HB 1628, otherwise known as the “REET increase bill.”  The removal of the state pre-emption on local rent caps did not reappear, nor did the multiple versions of extended notification for rent increases.  HB 1124, a bill that contained several tenant protections, and one we worked closely with Rep. Strom Peterson, the bill sponsor, on to find a compromise, also stalled this year.  Although the final gavel hasn’t dropped, we can be fairly confident that the state of play will remain the same, HB 1628 aside, when it finally does this Sunday. 

Since this is first session, these bills remain active next legislative cycle, which starts January 2024, so we must remain diligent.  We will be working throughout the interim to shore up support and work with sponsors when possible.  Look for a legislative wrap-up from WMFHA in May.