Member Engagement Target Program Audience

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Our current membership reaches 1,499 communities, 259 industry supplier companies, and 170 management companies. In terms of individuals, we have 3,789 people’s email addresses. With a staff of just six people, we know we can’t individually reach all our members. However, with a combined effort of volunteers, social media, classes, networking events, and email marketing, we hope to reach everyone in one way or another.

In 2019, we brought our Engagement Roadshow to 12 companies. The largest meeting had almost 150 attendees, but most of the others were more intimate settings. We estimate we were able to reach almost 500 onsite members with the roadshow presentations. Additionally, we brought a roadshow specifically about our Emerald Awards program to fourteen companies and reached 250 individuals in 2019.

Dubbed “Member Mondays” to include people who might not be new to the association, our new member orientation was launched in August 2019. We held it every second Monday of the month for a quick 30 minutes. 78 members registered for the video conversations over six months.

Nine individuals graduated from our first annual Leadership Lyceum program. Those individuals represented eight property management companies. Everyone spent over 28 hours in the program, totaling 252 hours of learning together.

Our WMFHA Wednesdays videos were natively and regularly published on YouTube and Facebook. On YouTube where our following is the smallest, our videos were watched a total of 97 hours with 3,890 views in 2019. On Facebook, our videos were watched for 432 hours. Across those two platforms, our members spent 529 hours viewing our videos. That is like one person binging 22 days of WMFHA videos! It also doesn’t account for the videos that we posted on Instagram and LinkedIn, two of our fastest-growing platforms. From members’ experiences at events to multiple members being showcased per video, we are looking at almost 200 individuals represented.

One of the pillars of the work we do as an association is networking. Our free monthly event, Tapas & Topics, is free-form networking with a ten-minute topic discussion. Each event is hosted at a different member community and co-hosted by an industry supplier. In 2019, 1,146 people attended 12 Tapas & Topics. That was a 33% increase in attendance compared to the attendance in 2018. The event has gotten so popular that we have had to limit the ability to RSVP so that we can maintain a fair ratio of property management representatives to industry suppliers. It’s evident that Tapas & Topics is a very important piece in cultivating a sense of community and belonging to our members. 

In just looking at one of our charity events, our Day of Impact with Rebuilding Together, we saw a huge surge of member engagement. In 2018 we had ten members participate, and in 2019 we had 26 members lend their hands. Five industry supplier companies donated goods and services in 2018 and twelve donated their expertise in 2019.

We sold out many of our events and classes in 2019!