No on Tacoma Measure 1 Ads Released

Posted By: Ryan Makinster Advocacy News,

The No on Tacoma Measure 1 committee, which WMFHA is engaged in, recently released series of ads encouraging Tacoma voters to voter down Measure 1. In addition to the digital and broadcast ads, stakeholders are engaged in a broad number of initiatives designed to educate Tacoma voters about the severe consequences this extreme proposal will have on housing supply and our renters in Tacoma. 

The Action Alert below was sent to member properties in Tacoma as well as management companies doing business in Tacoma.

Action Alert

Get informed. Get engaged. Get Active!

Vote No on Tacoma Measure One

Help Us Defeat Tacoma Measure One

If passed by Tacoma voters, Measure 1 would add a slew of new restrictions and penalties aimed at Tacoma housing providers including 100% INDUSTRY FINANCED RELOCATION ASISTANCE. These new provisions would impact the safety of our communities, make it more costly and less efficient to do business, require even more burdensome operational processes, prevent many justified evictions and stifle or stop new multi-family development.

Read Measure One

What Can You Do?

  1. If you are a Tacoma resident, VOTE NO on Tacoma Measure 1; ballots are mailed on October 20th and must be returned by November 7th at 8pm.

  2. Encourage your Tacoma neighbors, friends, COLLEAGUES AND STAFF to VOTE NO.

  3. SHARE the No On Measure One one-page fact sheet with clients, friends, and family members who reside in the City of Tacoma.

  4. VISIT the No on Measure One website.

  5. SIGN-UP to join the No on Measure One movement.

  6. SHARE the the website link and digital media ads/videos on your social media platforms and your network of Tacoma residents.

  7. SIGN-UP for No on Measure One door knocking with coalition partner RHA.

  8. SIGN-UP the No on Measure One “Rah, Rah” Squad with coalition partner RHA.

  9. CONTACT Ryan Makinster to get involved or with any questions.



Share links (as appropriate for platform) on social media and through e-mail to get the message out.

Contribute to the Campaign

Although there are only a few weeks left in the campaign, each additional dollar increases reach and the number of people who will learn about the failing policies promoted through Measure One.

Contact Ryan Makinster, (425) 656-9077, immediately for more information.

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