Regan Sindayen, CAMT: Credential Spotlight

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I was born and raised here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I joined the property management industry basically right out of high school as a groundskeeper which gave me the opportunity to move out of the house and get a discount on my rent. Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to work with seasoned individuals that have taken me under their wings and taught me the ins and outs of this industry. I showed that I wanted to learn and was always hungry to learn something new. I moved up through the ranks and tried my best to be perfect every position I was given. I started in the tax credit side of the industry and then went to low-income housing then jumped into water heater installation, then ending up in the HOA world for eight years before finally coming back to my roots in tax credit with HNN.

What inspired you to get your designation?

What inspired me to get my designation was to solidify that I knew what the backbone to my job is. It inspired me to know that in this line of work there is a certification that gives me an added value that when someone sees the letters after my name that they shouldn’t have to question if I know the base of my job and that I have been certified.

How has your designation added value to your career?

It has added value to not just me but my peers as well. When my peers see the credential they know that I have been certified and that they can come to me and ask questions. Even if I didn’t have the credential anybody can always ask no matter what. It also has added value to my career by reminding me where I started and that I should always perfect my skills no matter what level I am at. it is always awesome to perfect skills that you tend to forget about.