SB 5060 - Rental and Vacant Properties Registration

Posted By: Ryan Makinster Bills,

Requiring the registration of rental and vacant housing units.

Bill Information

Sponsors:  KudererTrudeauDhingraFrameKeiserNguyenNoblesRandallRobinsonWellman

Status: Amended Version passed out of (S) Housing, Referred to Ways and Means

What the amended bill does:

  • Requires rental property owners in cities with populations of 130,000 or more to register all rental and vacant housing units and report monthly rental rates with the Department of Commerce every two years.

  • Requires the Department of Commerce to create and maintain a website that tracks and discloses rental housing inventory and reported rental rate data.

  • Imposes a $70 registration fee for the first rental housing unit and a $15 fee for each additional unit.

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