SB 5301 - Commerce Housing Programs

Posted By: Ryan Makinster Bills,

Concerning housing programs administered by the department of commerce.

Bill Information

Sponsors: MulletKudererNguyenWilson, C.

Companion: HB 1709

Status: Heard on Feb 9 in Senate Ways and Means, not yet scheduled

What the bill does:

  • Consolidates the Housing Assistance Program into the Affordable Housing Program (Program) at the Department of Commerce (Commerce).
  • Modifies activities and organizations eligible for assistance under the Program and Commerce requirements for administering the Program.
  • Increases the cap on administrative costs used for the Program.
  • Expands activities eligible for legislative appropriations from capital bond proceeds.
  • Repeals the Affordable Housing Land Acquisition Revolving Loan Fund Program and Affordable Housing and Community Facilities Rapid Response Loan Programs.
  • Adds a representative from an interlocal housing collaboration to the Affordable Housing Advisory Board.

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