Shoreline Tenant Protections - WMFHA Rallies the Troops

Posted By: Carter Nelson Advocacy News,

Shoreline Tenant Protections

Shoreline’s City Council is hearing a proposal for tenant protections at their November 20 meeting. WMFHA advocacy staff has reached out to select councilmembers to discuss the proposal and has already begun activating our members.  Staff and interested Shoreline members are meeting tomorrow, Thursday, November 15 by Zoom to discuss the proposal and advocacy strategies. For more information or a meeting invite contact Carter Nelson at

Options for protections include, but not limited to:

  • Increased notice period for certain rent increases,
  • Limits to move-in fees, security deposits and late fees,
  • Ability for tenant to request different rent due date if primary income source is provided via governmental assistance, and
  • No requirement to provide Social Security number for tenant screening.


You can see a draft of the policies being proposed HERE