Solve These Problems with Video Surveillance

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As a property owner or manager, you know how important surveillance cameras are for general security and safety. However, did you know that security cameras can do much more than just catch criminals?
Here are a few uses for a digital video security system.

1. Theft and Damage

Without question, the number one function of a video surveillance system is to provide security. After all, most every multifamily community needs to be concerned about theft and property damage. Criminals often target apartment buildings because they offer more opportunities. From mail and bike thefts to car prowls and break-ins, apartment property managers have a responsibility to take reasonable steps to protect their residents. It may also be required by law as they vary by state.

2. Minimize Risk and Liability

Property managers have a responsibility to keep the area safe for residents, visitors, and staff. Any accidents or injuries that happen on your property can turn into a liability issue. Video cameras are great deterrents in mitigating liability issues. Not only does the presence of cameras make these kinds of incidents less likely to occur, but you can also increase your chances of being successful in defending against a false claim if you have proper security camera footage.

3. Save Money

Installing a video surveillance system is an investment, but you can make that money back, plus more, just by having it. With live video monitoring, you can reduce or eliminate the number of guards and courtesy patrols you need. Not only do traditional guards receive an hourly wage, costs for insurance and training are usually extra.

One person cannot be everywhere at the same time and hiring a team of guards can be costly. Even if a guard concentrates on specific areas, he can still miss something. Additionally, there may be places on the property that are inaccessible to a guard like an alley or rooftop. In some instances, a guard may act inappropriately and become risks themselves.

The Value of Live Video Surveillance

Not all video surveillance systems are created equally. Those that are not monitored can only record incidents for view after-the-fact. Live video monitoring is a proactive solution that helps prevent crimes BEFORE they happen. Trained security operators watch analytics-based cameras to detect suspicious activities. As soon as there's an alert, the monitoring operator can issue a warning over the speaker. If that doesn't deter the suspect, then the next call is to the police.

Video surveillance technology is constantly advancing to be cheaper, more effective, and more efficient. Experienced video surveillance companies have the resources to make it happen. Some like Stealth have a relationship with law enforcement. The benefit is that law enforcement will typically respond faster when they get a call from the company.

Albert Zoricic is an account executive at Stealth Monitoring, Inc.