State Legislative Update - Week 3

Posted By: Brett Waller Advocacy News,

Week 3 in Olympia brought a public hearing on rent control and more negotiations on source of income. Things are moving quickly in Olympia. There is just one week remaining before most bills must be passed out of it’s committee of origin. If the proposed legislation is not passed out of committee, the law is considered dead.  Find out more about Rent Control, Source of Income Protections, Notice of Termination and Just Cause Eviction in our Week 3 Legislative Update. 

Whether it's a proposal to remove the statewide preemption on rent control, increases in document recording fees, or creating source of income protections, legislators need to know the practical effects of these proposals.  Legislators want to hear from people like you, the people who will be affected most by proposed legislation.  Find your legislator here Contact them directly to build relationships and influence the making of laws.  

Here’s a summary and recent activity of all the legislation we are following in this session.


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