WMFHA Gives Back Ability to Attract Member Participation

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“What attracted me to volunteering with WMFHA was getting a big group of people together that can make a huge difference,” says Christina Koski.

The Chili Cook-Off brings together people from all walks of life to have fun and give back. Our members bring their families, children, and friends. We see young children putting their coins in baggies to help lift the number and bring in more support. In 2018 we had an active Chili Cook-Off volunteer committee who helped is in the planning, donation procuring, marketing, pre-event setup, and day of. “I love to see the large group that you have come together, and the big impact you are able to make,” continues Christina. “I am fully committed to however I can contribute to our charity partners through WMFHA.”

Our charitable events remind us to strengthen comradery with our membership and partners. One way we do this with our Holiday Giving Gala is to hold our board member induction at the event. Together as a group we celebrate the successes of that year and welcome our new leaders in taking the helm for the next year. We also lean heavily on our members to provide auction items for this event. Individuals and companies donate goods and services to raise money for Childhaven. We promote cash donations as well by doing a giving tree drive and challenging our members to give more than the person before them.

Move For Hunger’s program personally engages some of our members to participate.

“I have friends that utilize food banks in Seattle, so it makes it more of a special thing and I feel like I am really helping out,” says Dylan Hooper. “The program has been really meaningful to me. I’m proud of my residents that are willing to donate.”

To further encourage participation we share quarterly leaderboards, calling out the top contributors to the program. “Your members are definitely some of our best. They continue to be excited about the program, open to ideas, and we’ve done some fundraising projects with them as well,” says Adam Lowy.

Our members appreciate coming together as a group to have a big impact.

“On your own it can be hard to find your own way to help out. Being able to volunteer with WMFHA and have something that is already in place makes it way easier than trying to do it on your own,” says Christina Koski.

Kayleigh Fulton says that she volunteers a lot more often through WMHFA and her company than she would on her own.

“When something is preset for us and we can just sign up to help, it makes it easier. Finding new opportunities to give back and connect is what continues to drive me and why I like doing these things,” she says.

“It’s great to see people happy with their house again,” says Bobby Rubalcaba, also from Greystar.

Impact on Charity Partners