WMFHA Gives Back Impact on Charity Partners

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We are in the business of providing healthy homes and communities for people to grow in.

Therefore, the impact of our charitable efforts is near and dear to our hearts. It means a lot to us to make a difference in the lives of children, women, and families that are affected by adversity.

The impact our support of DAWN has on their organization is deep. “One of the things that connects our organizations so well is that you are really inclusive of the community,” says Cheryl Kilodavis. “Secondly, the Chili Cook-Off event exudes a connection and an environment that really makes my team and the survivors that attend feel great about the partnership. The third benefit is that consistently you have been one of the top three unrestricted donors for us. We use most of what you donate as direct service funds and I can’t express how important that is to keep us moving. It allows us to provide our survivors with exactly what they need.”

“We prefer unrestricted gifts because we can make the dollar stretch a lot further. It enables us to purchase supplies and things our teachers and mental health providers need to reach more children, and extra therapy sessions for our kids,” says Rhonda Smith at Childhaven. When she was young, Rhonda’s sister used to go to Childhaven and was a recipient of their services. The impact that our funding has on the organization is heartfelt to her. “We are so thankful,” she concludes.

Our impact at Move For Hunger is huge. “Your efforts have mobilized the entire multifamily industry to rescue food, fight hunger and food waste. Now we can do this in a way that becomes part of the moving process,” says Adam Lowy. “Let’s face it. No one should have to go to bed hungry. There shouldn’t be perfectly good food being thrown out or left behind. If we can change the way an industry does business, then that’s how you create true sustainable change. You have all these property management companies and managers out there doing their jobs, and now just by doing their jobs we are able to feed people.”

We have done at least one project per year in the past five years with Rebuilding Together. “The statewide impact is really valuable as we look at how we can address sub-standard housing conditions and prevent displacement. That part of the housing conversation is so often overlooked when so much of the attention is on homelessness issues and affordability,” says Caleb Marshall. “Being able to come home to a house that they know is safe and sound and that they can see some restoration of pride of ownership in is something that I know lifts our clients’ spirits. We know that housing conditions spill over into other social issues that we have ranging from education to health care costs to job stability, to interpersonal relationships. It’s staggering to see how much of an effect that your home has on your wellbeing.”

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