WMFHA Gives Back Innovativeness

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Our programs are innovative, inclusive and far-reaching. We proudly serve our partners year after year and constantly look for ways to keep things interesting.

“The Chili Cook-Off is such a fun, smart event,” says Christina Koski.

“I find that the innovative ways that WMFHA figures out how to tweak the event but not necessarily change the core mission of it allows us, as attendees and beneficiaries, to grow with it each year,” says Cheryl Kilodavis. We keep the Chili Cook-Off new and exciting each year by including celebrity judges, contemporary raffle and auction items, and fresh ideas on how to increase donations. In 2018 we encouraged donations by offering a match during a certain time, then later tripling the match. People loved it and boy, did it make our Executive Director sweat!

“This year’s Giving Gala was so exquisite, elegant and simply excellent!” says Sheri Druckman, our Immediate Past President of the Board of Directors.

One way that we keep the event innovative is by including “Lunch with Leaders” auction items. Property management members offer a meal with a couple of their top executives to the highest bidder. Five of these packages were auctioned off and raised $5,840 alone. Last year we also did additional outreach to businesses across the state to procure more in-kind donations than ever. Our silent auction at the event offered an array of getaways, adventures, wining and dining, technology, toys, tools, treats, and other fun goods and services.

The giving program we built with Move For Hunger was incredibly innovative. “The support of WMFHA gave us early validation so we were able to go to other apartment associations and say hey, we are already working with WMFHA, their members are already engaged and look, they are already collecting food,” says Adam Lowy. The WMFHA team is also always open to brainstorming ideas and trying new ideas to further support Move For Hunger. “The partnership with WMFHA has been paramount from the beginning,” continues Adam.

“A lot of people would otherwise just be tossing their perishable food when they move, and they tell me so. It’s easy for them to give back,” says Dylan Hooper from Pillar Properties. “I love it. It’s a great idea and people are really receptive.”

“One of the really unique things about working with you is that you bring a wealth of additional partners to the project. Using your network of vendors and companies you have relationships with leverages skills and resources to tackle work at a home holistically,” says Caleb Marshall. With our membership’s expertise areas and the commitment of our staff and non-skilled volunteers, we make a huge difference in a person’s home in just one day.

“It’s also something that is really great for people who don’t have technical skills. I’ve always wanted to do a Habitat for Humanity project, but it seemed really intense,” says Kayleigh Fulton from Greystar. “With Rebuilding Together, you are also able to do things like yardwork that doesn’t take technical skill."

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