New Government Affairs Committee Structure

Posted By: Ryan Makinster Advocacy News,

On October 6, WMFHA staff Ryan Makinster and consultant Shannon Boldizar met with the WMFHA Executive Board of Directors to outline a new government affairs committee (GAC) structure. 

The Committee will review and provide direction on policy and regulatory issues of interest to the multi-family residential and associated industries. The committee will also recommend legal action, policy positions, and state and local legislative priorities to the WMFHA Board of Directors.

A formalized committee will encourage committee member engagement and allow for strategic and tactical planning not available through the current ad hoc organization. You may review the proposed Government Affairs Committee Rules of Order and Decorum here and are encouraged to contact Ryan Makinster with any questions.

In addition to a new structure for the GAC, WMFHA staff also discussed a new structure for an independent Political Action Committee (PAC) (link PAC Rules and Decorum PDF) based on best practices and the unique legal and ethical requirements inherent in PAC operations.