Trey Leotti's Journey to a C.A.M. Scholarship

Posted By: MacKenzie Knell WMFHA Updates,

Congratulations to our very own Trey Leotti from Greystar Apartments! He is the recipient of the D.E.I. scholarship from the NAA. He is remarkable & wholeheartedly deserves this opportunity.

Trey's long and winding journey demonstrates his ongoing tenacity. He was handed a lot of responsibility early in life. Without parental support, he raised himself and three younger sisters. From an early age, he prioritized education by making sure he and his sisters got to school every day. He describes this time as saying, "There were many nights I would go to bed hungry and then go to school hungry, but I tried very hard not to let that slow me down."As he grew up, his challenges only continued to compound. The sisters he had cared so much for were sent to live with his father. Meanwhile, he was sent to live with his grandfather and faced bullying and exclusion on every front. Yet, Trey pushed on. He said, "I promised myself I would always strive for a better life than the life I’d lived growing up." He dedicated himself to finishing high school and then got into college. After years of effort, he proudly graduated with his bachelor’s degree.

As he worked in the healthcare industry, he frequently found himself feeling "beaten down and unmotivated". Though his years of hard work had gotten him this far, he still felt apathetic and lost.  After talking with a friend about property management, he took the plunge and found a job as a leasing agent. The rest was history. By joining the multi-family industry, he found the motivation, community, and belonging he had always been looking for.

Trey sums up his experience by saying, "Because of my childhood and what I went through … I always felt like an outsider. I never fit in anywhere ... Because of that experience, I pride myself on treating everyone I meet with kindness, an open heart, and an open mind. I no longer believe a life half lived is a life; living each day like it’s your last is very important to me now."