Federal Way 2020 Rental Registration and Inspection Fee

Posted By: Brett Waller Advocacy News,
The City of Federal Way is considering a rental registration and inspection program.  The program will be proposed and considered by the City Council beginning in December, with an implementation and registration period throughout 2020. 

The city is currently proposing a $15 per unit registration fee beginning sometime in 2020, likely prorated for the months remaining in 2020 and due annually thereafter on January 1 in conjunction with the annual business license renewal. 

WMFHA is working to find ways to reduce this annual fee for our members, particularly those with large properties, but we expect a registration fee somewhere in the neighborhood of the current $15 proposal. 

As you prepare your 2020 property operating budgets, please consider adding a line item in your Federal Way property budgets for this $15 per unit fee. 

If you have any questions about the Federal Way Rental Registration and Inspection program, please contact Brett Waller at Brett@wmfha.org or (425) 656-9077.