It’s time for elections- what does that mean for you?

Posted By: Carter Nelson Advocacy News,

Election season is upon us! I’m sure by now you’ve seen a political ad or two on TV or in the mail- a bummer if you find those annoying because they will continue leading up to Washington’s primary on August 6

So why should you care? Sometimes it’s easy, or even preferred, to tune out all things political. It can be divisive, frustrating, and disappointing. But it can also be influential, empowering and hugely significant to your business. WMFHA is a non-partisan organization. That means we don’t support candidates based on their party, we support candidates who understand multifamily housing, are business friendly or at least want to learn about our industry and give us a seat at the table to provide feedback. Housing has consistently been one of the top issues for Washington voters, which means it’s a top issue for those vying for votes this coming election.

Eligible voters participating in the political process is a vitally important way to assure we are a true democracy, and important for us to keep the industry included in the conversation around policy. Most importantly- we hope to get the right people elected who will work with us, learn our issues, and understand the true value that housing providers bring to our state. Please make sure to stay tuned as we share details on key races across the state. Want to see who running? Find the list here.

Elections Matter. Your Engagement Matters.

Check your voter registration status or register to vote HERE.

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