WMFHA Joins Fellow Business and Real Estate Professionals for WREC Meeting

Posted By: Ryan Makinster Advocacy News,

The WMFHA GA team recently participated in the bi-annual Washington Real Estate Coalition (WREC) meeting in Renton. WREC is made up of real estate trade associations, industry lobbyists and interested small business representatives.

The group met to discuss a recap of the 2024 legislative session and to update each other on our current issues and efforts in our respective industries. The group also discussed the 2025 legislative session and how we will continue to work together to support our collective priorities. As has been usual over the last few years, we all expect real estate taxes, tenant protections, rent control and enhanced building and energy codes to be on the agenda for the legislature. We also discussed the possibility of continued enhancement of “consumer protections” through legislation, as well as the unique landscape the emerging artificial intelligence technology advancement will create in legislative discussions.

The WREC provides a terrific opportunity for professionals across multiple industries and disciplines to get together periodically to exchange best practices, plan legislative strategy and discuss ways we can support each other and the broader business community through coordinated action.