Maintenance Mania! 2020

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Maintenance Mania! is a nationwide competition to see who is the fastest in eight maintenance-focused challenges. Competitors can win cash, bragging rights and pride!

Training Videos:

AO Smith Water Heater Installation

Frigidaire Icemaker Installation

Kidde Fire & Carbon Monoxide Safety Installation

Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt Test

Smartburner Heating Element Installation

Smart Comfort Air Conditioner Repair

Queenaire Shock Treatment (New this year!)

Race Car Competition

Participant Information:

Participant Info & Liability Waiver

Participant Rulebook (English)

Participant Rulebook (Spanish)

2019-2020 Score Card

About Maintenance Mania!


Overall Winners

First Place
Max Feoktistov with a total time of 1:37.391

Second Place
Shah Kazempour with a total time of 1:41.505

Third Place 
James Ohrn with a total time of 1:56.105

Individual Game Winners 

AO Smith® Water Heater Installation
Max Feoktistov with a time of 0:10.654

Fluidmaster® Toilet Repair
Danny Yeaman with a time of 0:21.371

Frigidaire® Icemaker Installation
Max Feoktistov with a time of 0:06:544

Kidde® Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety Installation
Jose Encisco with a time of 0:08.614

Kwikset® Key Control Deadbolt
Max Feoktistov with a time of 0:12.918

SmartBurner™ Heating Element Installation 
Brendon Walsh with at time of 0:12:242

SmartComfort® by Carrier Air Conditioner Repair
Max Feoktistov with a time of 0:10.044

Race Car Competition
Shah Kazempour with a time of 0:04.434