Meet Big Haul Junk Removal!

Posted By: Jeff Norton Member Spotlight,

Big Haul Junk Removal and Property services is a locally owned Property Services Company.  The company is owned by Jeff and Tamara Norton, Native PNW’ers.  The service has been in business since 2009 and in 2022 acquired Junk Busters (parent company is Recycle Services Northwest) to add to the fleet and team.  Jeff and Tamara previously owned PC Recycle, one of the first Electronics Recycling Companies in the Pacific Northwest (which was sold in 2017).  

Jeff and Tamara are planet friendly with a passion for finding items that can be reused.  One person’s Junk may be someone else’s treasure. We have some great relationships with some local charities that re-sell some reusable items to support their charities (Bellas Voice (Pet Rescue), Salvation Army are a couple), we also donate a lot of reusable clothing and home goods to Goodwill, Value Village, and other Thrift type stores.  Jeff and Tamara’s passion for recycling and reuse is what made them want to be in the Junk/Recycling industry and they love this business!

We are newer members of WMFHA and have been very impressed with their passion for wanting to help Vendors and Property Managers be successful.  They always seem engaged and enthusiastic about helping us out and it is appreciated, and small businesses need that type of support.   We attended our first EdCon within the last few months and it was well put together and we made some great connections!

We have some long time Multi Family /Property Management Customers, but since EDCON we have been booming and adding new partners with our proactive route service.  We are compliant with most of the local Vendor Compliance services (Vendor Café, Net Vendor, etc.), which means we are fully insured, etc.  However, the items that aren’t tracked on those compliant systems is accountability and accessibility.  Accountable and Accessible is how we sustain our current partnerships and continue to grow. Big Haul is more than just a ‘Junk Pick up’, we pride ourselves on being a partner to all of our customers whether an individual resident or a large company/property.  We provide different services, all with the idea of having all waste/recyclables go to the right place or put in the right bin so it is managed correctly and (actually) gets recycled.  

Our team is what keeps our customers coming back.  Big Haul has a professional team, including General Manager Mitchell Garino.  Mitchell is an active reserve duty Marine.  Mitchell has been providing services in this industry since 2018.  Other than Mitchell’s tremendous ability to play ‘Tetris’ when loading our trucks, he recently became a father for the first time.  Chris Hayes, Alonzo Lopez, Mike Eldred, Alex Mackenzie, Sawyer Norton, and the rest of the team deserve a shout out as well!  

We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with WMFHA and local Property Managers!