Membership Drive Success - Q1

Posted By: Molly Watts

WMFHA’s First Membership Drive Was Wildly Successful! 

In only 7 weeks, 2 Management Companies, 33 Suppliers, and 100 new Properties joined the WMFHA Family! 

For the past several months the Membership Committee has been contacting hundreds of potential new members during the Membership Drive. All of this came to a peak when members from a variety of committees came to the WMFHA office for a Membership Drive Blitz. Members volunteered their time and experience to call, email, and research new leads and compete to see who could contact the most people that day. With prizes handed out and lunch served, spirits were high and all had a terrific time! From this concentrated effort, we saw 6+ suppliers join WMFHA from that effort alone. 

Of the 33 new suppliers that joined WMFHA during the Membership Drive, 20 of them joined due to a personal referral. This speaks volumes to the personal involvement of our members and how much value they see in their membership with the association. There is no higher compliment than receiving a personal referral from one of our current members. 

At the beginning of the year, the Board of Directors made a goal to have 50 new suppliers join by the end of 2023. This was a huge goal since our supplier base has stayed about the same for the past decade. I’m happy to announce that after the Membership Drive wrapped up in Quarter 1, we have a net positive of 41 new suppliers so we are well on our way to crushing that goal! As if that wasn’t enough good news, we officially reached 300 supplier members! Both these metrics are firsts for WMFHA and we could not be more grateful for the success we have seen. 

Thank you to our members (especially those on committees) for helping grow the WMFHA Family! If you know someone who would be interested in joining WMFHA, make sure they use your name as the referral when they sign up because we’ll be continuing to give out $50 referral bonus checks to thank you for recommending us. Not sure if someone is already a member? Take a peek at our Supplier Directory to double-check!

Looking to update your company profile or learn how to get more involved with your association? Please grab a spot on my calendar to schedule a meeting with me, I’d love to chat!