Q1 Successes from WMFHA Executive Director

Posted By: Nick Marin

To All WMFHA Members, 

First and foremost, I want to thank each one of you for the warm and inviting welcome to the beautiful PNW and, of course, to WMFHA.  

As you can probably imagine, the decision my wife and I made to move to Washington was filled with lots of emotions – on one hand, excitement, and enthusiasm at the prospect of starting a new chapter in our family’s life and for the opportunity for professional growth and, on the other hand, worry and anxiety due to the unknown and uncertainty that comes with any potential life-altering decision.  

What ultimately put me at ease and allowed me to reach a high level of confidence almost immediately was the encouragement and support I, and my family, received from the membership, team, and Board of Directors. Now that I’ve been in my role for almost five months, learning more and more every day, I have no doubts in my mind that I, and my family, are where we want to be. I’m honored to have been given the chance to lead WMFHA and am more motivated than ever to keep growing the association and the multi-family industry. So, thank you! 

Now, as the Executive Director, I’ll allow myself the opportunity to brag a little bit…not about myself, but of all the successes our team at WMFHA has accomplished since January. To no one’s surprise, they’ve executed an incredibly impressive amount of our yearly goals through the first quarter of the year with a lengthy and impressive list of achievements. They include: 

  • Several very important state legislative ‘wins’ with the defeat of three rent control, one tenant protection, and the Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) bills. 
  • The hiring of our ninth team member, Jason Loughridge, as our Career Development Manager, responsible for the development, coordination, and execution of all WMFHA’s educational programs.   
  • The successful execution of several valued member events, including Day on the Hill, EdCon (West), and Business Exchange.   
  • The strategic and steady growth of our membership base.  We’ve seen a 4.5% growth in unit membership and a 20% growth in supplier members since January. 

The team and I have been focused and working hard on making sure that 2023 is a step forward for WMFHA as an organization, for our members, and for the industry at large. 

I look forward to updating all of you on the progress and advancement of the mission, vision, and goals of WMFHA. 

Thank you for your faithful service to your association and your industry.