SB 5060 And HB 1124 Call To Action

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We need your voice.

The Washington Legislature convened this week for their 105-day session and lawmakers are already hard at work drafting bills, holding committee meetings and hearings on policy, and receiving testimony from industry experts.
As the Legislature considers bills and works to enact public policy, we already know that several measures will impact your ability to manage your property and make it more difficult to do business. In addition, many bills will add costs that will, ultimately, harm your residents.
Over the course of the legislative session, I will be asking for you to share your personal stories and concerns about these important policy matters, but today I have a simple ask.

Please take a moment
to click on the two links below to sign in to the legislative record and let both the House and Senate Housing Committee members know that you oppose these two pieces of legislation.
Why it matters. The lawmakers you vote for need to hear your voice. When you speak up, it helps them understand the true impact the legislation has on the people they serve and represent.

What you need to do
  • Click the links below to take action and sign in to the legislative record with a position of “con”
  • Complete the required fields, click the “I’m not a robot” captcha and hit send
  • Share this Call to Action with your friends and colleagues

Tell Senators, You Oppose SB 5060

This week, the Senate Housing Committee will consider Senate Bill 5060, a bill that creates a rental unit registry and levies a fee for each unit registered. This bill:
  • Requires certain rental property owners to register all rental and vacant housing units and report monthly rental rates with the Department of Commerce every two years.
  • Requires the Department of Commerce to create and maintain a website that tracks and discloses statewide rental housing inventory and reported rental rate data.
  • Imposes a $70 registration fee for the first rental housing unit and a $15 fee for each additional unit.
  • Revenue raised will be used for programs that provide legal representation in eviction cases, distributions to local governments to assist in inspections of rental housing units, and administration.

Take action NOW!

Tell Representatives, You Oppose HB 1124

This week, the House Housing Committee will consider House Bill 1124, a bill that extends notice requirements for rent increase to 6 months for any increase over 5%.
  • Rent increase greater than 5% require a notice between 180 and 220 days before increase takes effect
  • Tenant may terminate the tenancy at any point prior to the effective date of the increase by providing:
    • 20 days' notice for a month-to-month or periodic tenancy
    • 45 days' notice for a tenancy of a specified period
  • Tenant shall only owe pro rata rent through the date upon which the tenant surrenders the premises
  • Landlord found in violation could be responsible for:
    • Actual damages,
    • Treble damages, and
    • Attorneys’ fees

Take action NOW!
Please let me know if you have questions about any of these proposals, and thank you for raising your voice and taking action on behalf of WMFHA and the multifamily housing industry.  

Ryan Makinster
Director of Government Affairs

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