SB 5197 Call To Action

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We need your voice...Again!

This legislative session is off to a fast start with another bill that affects our industry.

Please take a moment to click on the link below to sign in to the legislative record and let the Senate Housing Committee members know that you oppose this legislation.
Why it matters. The lawmakers you vote for need to hear your voice. When you speak up, it helps them understand the true impact the legislation has on the people they serve and represent.

What you need to do
  • Click the links below to take action and sign in to the legislative record with a position of “con”
  • Complete the required fields, click the “I’m not a robot” captcha and hit send
  • Share this Call to Action with your friends and colleagues

Tell (S) Housing Members, You Oppose SB 5197

This Friday, the Senate Housing Committee will consider SB 5197, a bill that will change eviction notice forms and modify certain eviction processes. Although there a few positive changes included in the bill, on the whole it is bad for our industry. This bill:
  • Permits virtual testimony (PRO)
  • Requires a show cause hearing regardless of whether the tenant responds (CON)
    • This already required in many counties
    • Increases the cost of eviction actions where the tenant refuses to participate in the process to resolve their nonpayment of rent issue
  • Permits the tenant an extended period of time reinstate the tenancy (CON)
    • Increases attorney fees
    • Creates uncertainty in the eviction process outside of the courtroom and very likely will lead to Writs being served inadvertently for lack of communication by local Sheriff’s departments
  • Removes requirements to limit additional provisions (CON)
    • Under current programs, costs the State more money because we cannot address nonpayment of rent when it happens but have to wait 6 months to serve a notice
    • Rental assistance programs require us to provide a notice served on a tenant OR a Summons and Complaint in order to access funding
    • This is a reasonable restriction on rental assistance program overreach into the rental contract that addresses the issues before the court and makes all parties whole.
  • Removes 3 pay or vacates / reinstatement (CON)
    • This was an agreement made in 2019 that has never been fully implemented.
  • Creates a TPP entitlement requiring State to pay rental assistance regardless of appropriation 
  • Strikes reference to the Eviction Resolution Pilot Program (PRO)
                                Take action NOW!                           
Please let me know if you have questions about  this proposal, and thank you for raising your voice and taking action on behalf of WMFHA and the multifamily housing industry.                         
Ryan Makinster
Director of Government Affairs

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