SB 5741 - Establishing a housing gap voucher pilot program.

Posted By: Ryan Makinster Bills, COVID-19 Resource Center,

Establishing a housing gap voucher pilot program.

Bill Information

Sponsors:  BraunLovickWilson, J.

Companion: HB 1817

Status: (S) Housing

What the bill does:

  • Creates rental assistance vouchers through housing authorities for residents to bridge the gap between their income and their rent.
  • Makes available rental assistance for seniors, low-income families, and members of marginalized communities living in manufactured housing or rental housing in Washington.
  • Vouchers are targeted to 80% AMI and below, adjusted by family size and area.
  • Voucher is good for up to 12 months and allows residents in need to reapply.
  • Voucher amount is enough to bridge the gap but not paying all of the monthly rent.

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