Seattle College Launches First Property Management Bachelor's Program on West Coast

Posted By: Sloane Cerbana Industry Trends,

Washington Multi-Family Housing Association has been pleased to serve on the Advisory Board at North Seattle College that helped launch the first Bachelor's program on the continental West Coast for Property Management. 

WMFHA will continue to be involved as the first cohort begins classes in fall of 2018. This will bring Career Development opportunities for those already in the industry, as well as open a new pipeline of talent for those studying and working in fields where comparable skills are required. WMFHA members will have the opportunity to partner with this program by offering job-shadow and internship opportunities.

This program prepares students for a career in either residential or commercial property management. It is a multi-disciplinary curriculum combining business, accounting, and real estate courses. This bachelor’s degree program combines a business, accounting, or real estate AAS-T degree with upper division courses in property management. Their focused curriculum will ensure students are prepared for career opportunities upon graduation.

The program is ideal for business and accounting students who want to make the transition to an exciting career in property management. Real estate professionals who want to move into or specialize in property management can benefit from having a four-year degree.

The number of job openings in property management is forecast to grow in the coming years as new office and residential buildings open in Seattle. That's why North Seattle College is launching a bachelor's of applied science in property management. Courses start this fall.