State Legislative Update - Week 1

Posted By: Brett Waller Advocacy News,

We’re back!  January 8th marked the first day of the 2018 legislative session.  Today we are one week into the legislative session, and legislators are moving full steam ahead with hearings on proposed legislation.  This legislative session is considered a “short session,” and is scheduled to last just 60 days. 

Among the topics legislators will consider are rent control, source of income protections, and additional fees and taxes to fund education, homelessness and mental health services. 

The WMFHA team is following it all closely to make sure any policies proposed do not adversely affect the rental housing industry.  The latest Legislative Report, detailing high priority proposed legislation, can be downloaded now through the button below.  We've also created a webpage (link to page) which tracks the current status of any legislation that may have an effect on multifamily housing.  


Download the latest WMFHA Legislative Report now.