Suppliers - Here's One Way to Make the Most of your Membership

Posted By: Kelly Wakefield (deleted) WMFHA Updates,

Build your sales funnel by getting your brand in front of prospective clients!

Here's how:

Make sure your WMFHA Supplier profile is up to date with your logo, verification and compliance information, company overview, any special offers, areas of expertise, service areas, social media accounts, and any other relevant information. 

See how a complete profile compares to an incomplete profile:

1Up Floors is a star!

Some other companies could use some work. See here.

What do I do?

1) Login to your account (hint: you must be the administrator on your company's WMFHA account to make changes to the profile)

2) Upload your logo (hint: to fit inside of your profile bubble, make sure your image is 300 X 300 pixels)

3) Fill in any missing information (hint: Property Management companies can search the directory by service area, verification and compliance, special offers and areas of expertise. Make sure you add all of those!)

What comes next?

When you take the time to build a complete profile, your company will stand out from the crowd. Just think, are you more likely to click on a grey avatar logo, or does your eye gravitate to the colorful image on a page? Place yourself in your prospective client's shoes and put your best foot forward.

Why does it matter?

WMFHA promotes our Supplier Directory to thousands of Property Managment decision makers. If your profile is incomplete, your company might not be pulled into the results of a search function. We don't want you to lose any opportunity to grow your business!

Think about it this way - buying a gym membership in itself won't get you ripped. You have to put in the time and effort to see results. Your WMFHA membership functions the same way. If you don't spend the time to get the most out of your membership, you might not see the value in it.

Need help?

Contact our new Director of Marketing and Communications, Kelly Wakefield, and she will be happy to help you strengthen your profile. Reach her at 425.656.9077 or