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Emerald Awards

Emerald Awards

Your moment to shine.

Friday, March 5, 2021
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (PST)

* Registration open until 2/26/21 at 12:00 AM (PST)

Event Details

Registration is FREE!

Celebration Kits are SOLD OUT!

The event will be hosted virtually.

Aaron Hansen
Aaron Hansen Regional Property Manager Simpson Property Group
Abbey Beal
Abbey Beal Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing Associate Fikes Products
Adam Kartak
Adam Kartak Community Manager Junction 160
Adam Webber
Adam Webber Alexan Central Park
Adan Magana
Adan Magana The Commons
Addie Correa
Addie Correa Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Aidin Edraki
Aidin Edraki Regional Maintenance Manager Avenue5 Residential
Albree Hebert
Albree Hebert Regional Director Cushman & Wakefield
Alex Thornton
Alex Thornton Asset Manager Thrive Communities
Alex Watts
Alex Watts Director of Regional Maintenance, PNW Greystar Real Estate Services
Alexander Dow
Alexander Dow Associate Vice President Avenue5 Residential
Alexandria Gerke
Alexandria Gerke Community Director The Pop
Alicia Moran
Alicia Moran Assistant Community Manager Met Tower
Alisha Baker
Alisha Baker Property Manager First Pointe Management Group- Madison Bellevue
Alison Dean
Alison Dean President HNN Communities
Allison Cafaro
Allison Cafaro Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Allison Carpenter
Allison Carpenter Community Manager Zig Apartments
Alyse Rivelo
Alyse Rivelo Leasing Manager AMLI - Mark 24
Amanda Belknap
Amanda Belknap Director of Leasing The Madison Bellevue
Amanda Gunn
Amanda Gunn Regional Manager Rockwood Property Management
Amanda Jinkens
Amanda Jinkens Community Manager Yarrowood Highlands
Amanda Schindler
Amanda Schindler Community Manager Evans Creek at Woodbridge
Amanda Sommer
Amanda Sommer Senior Director Cushman & Wakefield
Amanda Thomson
Amanda Thomson Operations & Procedures Manager FPI Management
Amber Farahani
Amber Farahani Community Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Amber Farahani
Amber Farahani Community Manager The Berkshire
Amy Abernathy
Amy Abernathy Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Amy Curtis
Amy Curtis Investment Manager Indigo Real Estate Services
Amy Harmon
Amy Harmon Community Manager Dimension By Alta
Amy Williams
Amy Williams VIce President of Epic Management Services Epic Asset Management, Inc
Andi Hill
Andi Hill Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Andrea Hernandez
Andrea Hernandez Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Andrea North-Hale
Andrea North-Hale Account Executive Commercial Cleaning Services ABODA by RESIDE
Andrew Cederlind
Andrew Cederlind COO Conversion Logix
Andrew Dickson
Andrew Dickson Capital Improvements - South Sound/Peninsula The Sherwin Williams Co.
Andrew Hermer
Andrew Hermer EVP of Operations Epic Asset Management, Inc
Andrew Kiepprien
Andrew Kiepprien Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts Property Manager Origin
Andy Nelson
Andy Nelson Service Ninja 1UP Floors
Andy Ruiz
Andy Ruiz Assistant Community Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Angela Monroe
Angela Monroe District Manager Martingale
Ann Meisenheimer
Ann Meisenheimer Vice President - Sales
Anna Craddock
Anna Craddock Assistant Community Manager Alto Apartments
Anna Dotlich
Anna Dotlich Regional Account Manager Fetch
Anna Vann
Anna Vann Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Annmarie Maricic
Annmarie Maricic Community Manager Terrace Station
Anthony Pavia
Anthony Pavia Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Anthony Raschella
Anthony Raschella Community Manager Hartford Court
April Ramsey
April Ramsey Regional Manager Stadium Place
April Syria
April Syria Executive Vice President Thrive Communities
Audra Shumway
Audra Shumway Property Manager Kently Pointe
Aujonae Wells
Aujonae Wells Community Manager Asteria Place
Bailey Corsi
Bailey Corsi Community Manager Lock Vista
Bailey Donovan
Bailey Donovan Assistant Manager Coast Property Management
Barrett Sigmund
Barrett Sigmund President Thrive Communities
Belinda Zylstra
Belinda Zylstra Office Manager and Executive Assistant Greystar Real Estate Services
Ben Hodson
Ben Hodson Property Manager The Danforth
Benjamin Watts
Benjamin Watts Maintenance Supervisor O2
Bill Carey
Bill Carey Maintenance Supervisor Westhaven Apartments
Bill Cook
Bill Cook King County Housing Authority
Billy Pettit
Billy Pettit President Pillar Properties
Brad Milne
Brad Milne Area Sales Manager HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Brandi Beutler
Brandi Beutler Leasing Professional Griffis Lake Washington
Brandi Jones
Brandi Jones Field Marketing Specialist Avenue5 Residential
Brandon Winkler
Brandon Winkler Financial Analyst Greystar Real Estate Services
Brandy Ramsey
Brandy Ramsey Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Brenda Brady
Brenda Brady Community Manager The Postmark
Brenda Moore
Brenda Moore Community Manager Meadows at Martha Lake
Brenda Wolf
Brenda Wolf Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Brett Brennan
Brett Brennan Leasing Agent Villaggio on Yarrow Bay
Brett McCandlish
Brett McCandlish Maintenance Supervisor Bailey Farm Apartments
Brett Waller
Brett Waller General Counsel WMFHA
Brian Killian
Brian Killian Regional Property Manager Holland Residential
Briana Shaeffer
Briana Shaeffer The Sherwin Williams Co.
Brianna Cook
Brianna Cook Sales Representative - SE King Co / I-90 South The Sherwin Williams Co.
Britney Cox
Britney Cox Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Brittany Doust
Brittany Doust Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Brittany Flajole
Brittany Flajole Vice President, HR Thrive Communities
Brittany Kimble
Brittany Kimble Leasing Consultant Alaire
Brittany Taylor
Brittany Taylor Community Director Stadium Place
Brittney Ayshford
Brittney Ayshford Assistant Community Manager Modera South Lake Union
Brittney Cunningham
Brittney Cunningham Property Manager The Summit at Lake Union
Brittney Roe
Brittney Roe Community Manager Prescott
Brittney Wallingford
Brittney Wallingford Property Manager Avaya Trails
Brittney Ziebell
Brittney Ziebell Property Manager Montclair Heights
Bryan Palaruan
Bryan Palaruan Maintenance Supervisor The Madison Bellevue
Caitlin Groves
Caitlin Groves DIrector of Operations and Strategy HNN Communities
Caitlin White
Caitlin White Senior Community Manager Central Park East
Camlynne Davis
Camlynne Davis Account Manager BluSky Restoration Contractors
Cara Delozier
Cara Delozier Community Manager Ambrose
Carla Morin
Carla Morin Outside Sales Representative - Paint The Sherwin Williams Co.
Carlos Barajas
Carlos Barajas Senior Community Manager Greystar
Carlos Barrientos
Carlos Barrientos Maintenance Supervisor Constellation
Carolyn Rotolo
Carolyn Rotolo Property Manager Echo Ridge Apartments
Catrina Coluccio-Cook
Catrina Coluccio-Cook Director of Sales Malone's Landscape Management, Inc.
Celeste Mills
Celeste Mills Director of Compliance Allied Residential
Chad Mains
Chad Mains Property Manager 12 Central Square
Chad Neilson
Chad Neilson National VP of Operations One Way Carpet Cleaning and Restoration
Chantel Emery
Chantel Emery VP of Operations and Human Resources Insite Property Solutions
Charlisa Davis
Charlisa Davis Community Manager Glenbrooke
Chase Baucom
Chase Baucom Community Manager Jack Apartments
Chase Buckland
Chase Buckland The Postmark
Chea Morgan
Chea Morgan Regional Property Manager McKenzie
Chelsea Ramirez
Chelsea Ramirez Community Manager Avenue5 Residential
Chelsey Hanson-Reeb
Chelsey Hanson-Reeb Executive Assistant Epic Asset Management, Inc
Cheryl Bonhag
Cheryl Bonhag Sales Account Manager Conversion Logix
Cheryl Jennings
Cheryl Jennings Community Manager Borgata
Cheyenne Anderson
Cheyenne Anderson Resident Services Manager Pillar Properties
Chloe Stanfield
Chloe Stanfield Property Manager Walton Lofts
Chris Hulford
Chris Hulford Regional Vice President Entrata
Chris Nicholas
Chris Nicholas Property Manager Westhaven
Christie Butler
Christie Butler Business Developer Brightview Landscape Services
Christina Chisholm
Christina Chisholm Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Christina Koski
Christina Koski Senior Predevelopment & Lease Up Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Christine Griffin
Christine Griffin Property Manager Mirabella
Christy Broyles
Christy Broyles Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
CIARAJADE STEVENS Multi-Site Manager Allied Residential
Cicely Bradley
Cicely Bradley Regional Manager Security Properties Residential
Claudia Lytton
Claudia Lytton Vice President of Operations Cushman & Wakefield
Connor Abramson
Connor Abramson Business Support Specialist Avenue5 Residential
Corina Chamberlain
Corina Chamberlain Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Courtney Bush
Courtney Bush Avenue5 Residential
Courtney Callahan
Courtney Callahan Community Manager Hampton Greens
Craig Turrentine
Craig Turrentine Regional Account Manager Interstate Restoration
Cristina Proa
Cristina Proa Assistant Manager The Century
Crystina Barnes
Crystina Barnes Community Manager Beacon View
Daisy Scott
Daisy Scott Property Manager Huntington Park
Dan Barbieri
Dan Barbieri Amenities Specialist The Century
Dana Nichols
Dana Nichols Director of Construction Management ConAm Management
Dane' Martel
Dane' Martel Renovation Sales Coordinator HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Daniella Tobar
Daniella Tobar Community Director Junction
Danielle Bond
Danielle Bond Property Manager RiverStone Apts
Danielle Colburn
Danielle Colburn Community Manager ConAm Management
Danielle Packer
Danielle Packer Community Manager Rosewood Club Apartments
Danielle Storwick
Danielle Storwick Community Manager Mural
Dave Barton
Dave Barton Field Account Representative Home Depot Pro - Multifamily
Dave Voss
Dave Voss Pillar Properties
David Anderson
David Anderson CEO Shine On Signs & Graphics
David Kirzinger
David Kirzinger CEO Thrive Communities
David Ostrer
David Ostrer Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Dawn Stalsberg
Dawn Stalsberg Community Manager Willina Ranch/Greystar
Dayna Lamb
Dayna Lamb Senior Vice President Coast Property Management
Debbie Deutsch
Debbie Deutsch Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Debra Raglund
Debra Raglund Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Deisyray Marvin
Deisyray Marvin Account Manager Interstate Restoration
Denana Husnic
Denana Husnic Community Manager Indigo Springs
Denny Thostrud
Denny Thostrud CEO AFB Floors
Diana Norbury
Diana Norbury SVP of Multifamily Operations Pillar Properties
Don Aselin
Don Aselin Business Development Manager Arborwell
Don Jacobsen
Don Jacobsen Regional Director of Maintenance Thrive Communities
Doug Frelin
Doug Frelin Regional Maintenance Manager Epic Asset Management, Inc
Duran Crain
Duran Crain Community Manager Twenty20 Mad
Dustin Green
Dustin Green Community Manager Cerasa
Elese Newman
Elese Newman Community Manager 95 Burnett
Elisha Davis
Elisha Davis Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Elizabeth Warburton-Dailey
Elizabeth Warburton-Dailey Property Manager Cottage Bay
Emelie Johnson
Emelie Johnson Sales Account Manager Conversion Logix
Emily Bryant
Emily Bryant District Manager Apartment Advantage Staffing
Emily Foster
Emily Foster Regional Property Manager AMC, LLC
Eric Amado
Eric Amado Floating Community Manager Thrive Communities
Eric Brett
Eric Brett Operations Manager - Via6 Greystar
Eric Graham
Eric Graham Sales Associate, Multifamily Marketing
Erik Brown
Erik Brown Leasing Professional Cerasa
Erik Spring
Erik Spring Director of Sales Wave G
Erin Heathers
Erin Heathers Regional Manager Epic Asset Management, Inc
Erin Mathisen
Erin Mathisen The Reserve at Bucklin Hill
Erin Moran
Erin Moran Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Esteban Giraldo Chacon
Esteban Giraldo Chacon Multisite Maintenance Supervisor Uptown Queen Anne
Esther Mulinge
Esther Mulinge Resident Service Manager The Century
Eva Sharp
Eva Sharp Regional Portfolio Manager Decron Properties Corp
Evan Buck
Evan Buck Business Support Specialist Avenue5 Residential
Evan Harder
Evan Harder Community Director Sky Sammamish
Evelyn Gutierrez
Evelyn Gutierrez Business Manager Dexter Lake Union
Felicty Alexander
Felicty Alexander Community Manager Mill Creek Residential
Flo Icenogle
Flo Icenogle Leasing Consultant First Pointe Management Group
Gabe Jones
Gabe Jones Director of Business Development CheckpointID
Gabrielle Diaz
Gabrielle Diaz Property Manager The Maverick
Gail Harnett
Gail Harnett Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Garrett Acosta
Garrett Acosta Senior Account Executive Alliance Flooring Services
Gary Bender
Gary Bender Vice President Thrive Communities
Gary Botkin
Gary Botkin Maintenance Supervisor Epic Asset Management
Gary Duffner
Gary Duffner Manager Outside Sales - Consumer Field Sales - WA CenturyLink
Genevieve Ail
Genevieve Ail Vice President - Client Strategy Group Avenue5 Residential
Genisis Stanley
Genisis Stanley Assistant Community Director Center Steps
Georgina Bockel
Georgina Bockel NAtional Sales Manager Conservice
Gil Cardona
Gil Cardona Field Account Representative HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Gladys Puente
Gladys Puente Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Gloria Freeman
Gloria Freeman Territory Representative AFB Floors
Greg Anderson
Greg Anderson President Allied Residential
Greg Cerbana
Greg Cerbana Vice President - Public Relations and Govt Affairs Weidner Apartment Homes
Haley Mahl
Haley Mahl Executive Assistant Avenue5 Residential
Heather Blume
Heather Blume Imagination In Charge Behind the Leasing Desk
Heather Edwards
Heather Edwards Marketing & Training Director Apartment Advantage Staffing
Heather Fahey
Heather Fahey Director of Operations Insite Property Solutions
Heather Saldana
Heather Saldana Field Account Representative HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Heidi Anderson
Heidi Anderson Dir of Community Engagement and Partnership Mgr HNN Communities
Heidi Grio
Heidi Grio AMLI Residential
Hunter Van Horner
Hunter Van Horner Director of Client Services Cushman & Wakefield
Imelda Estrella
Imelda Estrella Community Manager Timberline Court
Irma Robles
Irma Robles Community Manager Woodlake
Issac Clifton
Issac Clifton Property Manager Rivet
Jackie James
Jackie James ALN Apartment Data
Jackie Yourdan
Jackie Yourdan Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Jackson Kerschen
Jackson Kerschen Sales Coordinator Wave G
Jaclyn Ponther
Jaclyn Ponther Community Director Mercy Housing Management
Jacob Holman
Jacob Holman Community Manager Station House
Jake Malone
Jake Malone Account Manager Malone's Landscape Management, Inc.
James Ohrn
James Ohrn Area Maintenance Manager Avenue5 Residential
James Tirpak
James Tirpak Regional Property Manager Griffis Residential
Jamie Kennison
Jamie Kennison Senior Account Executive CheckpointID
Jamie Toppen
Jamie Toppen Regional Manager 207 East
Jane Bowling
Jane Bowling Vice President of Operations Allied Residential
Jane Griffith
Jane Griffith Social Media Manager Tarragon Property Services
Janet Morgan
Janet Morgan Regional Director, Multifamily Marketing
Jared Edwards
Jared Edwards Marketing Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Jared Jackson
Jared Jackson Maintenance Supervisor Ridgetop
Jarrett Fontanes
Jarrett Fontanes Maintenance Supervisor Northshore Townhomes
Jasmine Ballard
Jasmine Ballard Leasing Professional Greystar
Jason Loughridge
Jason Loughridge Training and Development Specialst GRE Management
Jason Murray
Jason Murray Asset Manager Thrive Communities
Jason Simpson
Jason Simpson Business Development Manager Edge Pest Control
Jean Heier
Jean Heier Regional Manager Security Properties Residential
Jedd McDaniel
Jedd McDaniel Director of Maintenance Allied Residential
Jeff Jacobsen
Jeff Jacobsen Business Development Specialist Malone's Landscape Management, Inc.
Jenay Byrd
Jenay Byrd Community Manager Park in Bellevue
Jenna Atchison
Jenna Atchison Senior Community Manager Allied Residential
Jennifer Alongi
Jennifer Alongi Talent Acquisition Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Campbell Sales Account Manager Conversion Logix
Jennifer Dutson
Jennifer Dutson Renovation Specialist AFB Floors
Jennifer Erickson
Jennifer Erickson Operations Specialist Greystar Real Estate Services
Jennifer Evanger
Jennifer Evanger Property Manager First Pointe Management Group
Jennifer Farmer
Jennifer Farmer Regional Vice President Holland Residential
Jennifer Firth
Jennifer Firth Vice President Buy Rite Carpet Wholesaler
Jennifer Fly
Jennifer Fly Community Manager The Windsor
Jennifer Pertzborn
Jennifer Pertzborn Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Jennifer Semenov
Jennifer Semenov Bailey Farm Apartments
Jennifer Vivette
Jennifer Vivette Senior Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Jeremy Monaghan
Jeremy Monaghan Regional Maintenance Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Jessica Hart
Jessica Hart Director of Training Allied Residential
Jessica Oberdorfer
Jessica Oberdorfer Operations Support Specialist HNN Communities
Jessica Portch
Jessica Portch Community Manager Northshore Townhomes
Jessica Potts
Jessica Potts Community Manager Echo Ridge Apartments
Jessica Weher
Jessica Weher National Sales Manager-Multifamily Mohawk Industries
Jessie Poitier
Jessie Poitier Senior Leasing Professional AMLI - Arc
Jill McNiesh
Jill McNiesh Senior Manager, Property Marketing Greystar Real Estate Services
Jim Wiard
Jim Wiard Executive Director WMFHA
Joan Watson
Joan Watson
Jody Nolander
Jody Nolander Director of Affordable Operations Security Properties Residential
Joe Majewski
Joe Majewski Leasing Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Joel McLain
Joel McLain Principal Alliance Flooring Services
John Jones
John Jones Associate Vice President of Operations Avenue5 Residential
John Maihofer
John Maihofer Chief Executive Officer Coast Property Management
John Mansfield
John Mansfield Vice President, Facility Management Coast Property Management
John Stephanus
John Stephanus Owner Epic Asset Management, Inc
Joleene Larson
Joleene Larson Vice President Inland Northwest Operatioins Avenue5 Residential
Jolene Gitonga
Jolene Gitonga Property Manager Atrium on James
Jonah Henn
Jonah Henn Broker/Property Manager Rent Ready Property Management, LLC
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson Assistant Community Manager Heatherwood
Joseph Womack
Joseph Womack Service Supervisor Greystar Real Estate Services
Josh Feston
Josh Feston Maintenance Supervisor Chelsea at Juanita Village
Josh Hebert
Josh Hebert Community Manager Excelsior
Joyce Willard
Joyce Willard Community Manager 600 Ninth
Julia Albrecht
Julia Albrecht Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Julia Shebeko
Julia Shebeko Regional Manager Modera South Lake Union
Julie Ellison
Julie Ellison Community Manager Interstate Restoration
Julie Kipper
Julie Kipper Community Manager 1611 on Lake Union
Julie Ryan
Julie Ryan Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Julie Strote
Julie Strote Senior Community Manager Callen
June Tozzi
June Tozzi Community Manager Langara
Justin Barta
Justin Barta Multi-Site Community Manager Cooper Apartments
Kaily Irons-Fuda
Kaily Irons-Fuda Financial Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Kaley Pugsley
Kaley Pugsley Community Manager Vue 25
Kara Sundqvist
Kara Sundqvist Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Kari Anderson
Kari Anderson Vice President Thrive Communities
Karli Hoffman
Karli Hoffman Vice President of Residential Property Management Tarragon Property Services
Karrina Young-Neal
Karrina Young-Neal Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Karyn Grindstaff
Karyn Grindstaff Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
Karyssa Leon
Karyssa Leon Administrative Assistant ConAm Management
Kasie Charles
Kasie Charles Account Manager Conversion Logix
Kate Sandoval
Kate Sandoval Community Relationship Manager Atlas Networks
Kate Sibbern
Kate Sibbern Chief Marketing Officer Avenue5 Residential
Kathleen Beeby
Kathleen Beeby Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Kathy Piceno
Kathy Piceno Community Manager Ridgegate
Katia Romero
Katia Romero Community Director Lake Washington Apartments
Katie Henderson
Katie Henderson Property Manager The Commons
Katie Neely
Katie Neely Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Katie Noethe
Katie Noethe Regional Manager Security Properties Residential
Katie Phelan
Katie Phelan Executive Vice President 1UP Floors
Katie Sheremet
Katie Sheremet Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Katie Wade
Katie Wade Community Manager Rainier Pointe
Katrina Bishop
Katrina Bishop Director of Office Services WMFHA
Katy Jekich
Katy Jekich AMLI - South Lake Union
Kayla Grayson
Kayla Grayson Community Director LINQ Lofts + Flats
Kaytlyn Scheideman
Kaytlyn Scheideman Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Keegan Krahn
Keegan Krahn Griffis Belltown Seattle
Kelby Stern
Kelby Stern Territory Sales Representative AFB Floors
Kelly Burns
Kelly Burns General Manager Venturi Restoration
Kelly DeVoogd
Kelly DeVoogd National Account Executive-Pacific NW The Sherwin Williams Co.
Kelly Guerrero
Kelly Guerrero Community Manager Alderbrook
Kelly Stone
Kelly Stone Business Development & Marketing Fischer Restoration
Kelly Wakefield
Kelly Wakefield Director of Marketing and Communications WMFHA
Kelsey Kirkham
Kelsey Kirkham Community Manager Eastlake 2851 On Lake Union
Kelsey Sauskojus
Kelsey Sauskojus Alexan Central Park
Ken Schaff
Ken Schaff Service/Sales Ninja 1UP Floors
Kendehl Rojanasthien
Kendehl Rojanasthien Vice President of Asset Management Thrive Communities
Kenneth Harrington
Kenneth Harrington Leasing Professional AMLI - Arc
Kevin Bye
Kevin Bye Field Account Executive HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Kevin Hanson
Kevin Hanson The Mercer East
Kevin Marquis
Kevin Marquis Community Manager The Residences at Rainier Square
Kevin Scudder
Kevin Scudder Key Account Commercial Manager Roto Rooter Services Co, Inc.
Kia Lo
Kia Lo Community Manager Townhomes at Mountain View
Kiel Curtis
Kiel Curtis Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kimberly Dvorcek
Kimberly Dvorcek Senior Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Kimberly Lee
Kimberly Lee Regional Director--NW Region Apartment Life
Kiril Urekeanu
Kiril Urekeanu Assistant Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Kirsten Benton
Kirsten Benton Regional Manager Berkshire Residential Investments
Kohlton Steinman
Kohlton Steinman Maintenance Supervisor Griffis North Creek Bothell
Kris Gerhardt
Kris Gerhardt Regional Manager Epic Asset Management, Inc
Kristie Byrd
Kristie Byrd Regional Manager The Mercer West
Kristina Pederson
Kristina Pederson Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Kristina Wardean
Kristina Wardean Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Kristy Huffman
Kristy Huffman Community Director Junction
Krystle Stover
Krystle Stover Assistant Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Lacy Devela
Lacy Devela Senior Director FPI Management
Lara Holmes
Lara Holmes Director of Business Development Fikes Products
Larry O'Toole
Larry O'Toole VP - South Puget Sound Alliance Flooring Services
Laura Bach
Laura Bach Senior Regional Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Laura Brittain
Laura Brittain Epic Asset Management
Laura Flippin
Laura Flippin Courtyard Apts
Laura Kitts
Laura Kitts Director of Property Partnerships Zumper
Laura McGinnis
Laura McGinnis Community Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Laura McGuire
Laura McGuire Asset Manager First Pointe Management Group
Laura Parada
Laura Parada Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Lauree Scheiber
Lauree Scheiber Regional Manager Security Properties Residential
Laurel Zacher
Laurel Zacher Vice President, Marketing & Talent Development Security Properties Residential
Leslie Goeres
Leslie Goeres Regional Property Manager Mill Creek Residential
Libby Hollan
Libby Hollan Senior Recruiter Avenue5 Residential
Libby Sill
Libby Sill Financial Analyst, Client Services Greystar Real Estate Services
Lilly Clark
Lilly Clark Rental Specialist Epic Asset Management, Inc
Linda Lander
Linda Lander Senior Regional Portfolio Manager ConAm Management
Linda Maggerise
Linda Maggerise Community Manager Lakemont Orchard
Lindsay DeBoard
Lindsay DeBoard Community Manager Allegro at Ash Creek
Lindsay Jacobs
Lindsay Jacobs Regional Associate Epic Asset Management, Inc
Lindsey Chukueke
Lindsey Chukueke Regional Property Manager Via6
Lindy Michlig
Lindy Michlig Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark Regional Account Executive Zumper
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones Regional Manager Villaggio on Yarro Bay
Lisha Howard
Lisha Howard Business Manager Glacier Run
Liz Barnes
Liz Barnes Vice President Apartment Advantage Staffing
Liz Barnes
Liz Barnes Vice President Apartment Advantage Staffing Services
Liz Gould
Liz Gould Director of Client Services Alliance Flooring Services
Lizbeth Garza
Lizbeth Garza Digital Solutions Consultant Executive RentPath
Lorraine Millar
Lorraine Millar Manager Bay Court at Harbour Pointe
Luke Murnan
Luke Murnan Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Luke Zigler
Luke Zigler The Sherwin Williams Co.
Lynn McAuliffe
Lynn McAuliffe Affiliate Manager Grace Hill
Malli Maurer
Malli Maurer Operations Manager Griffis Lake Washington
Mallie St Marie
Mallie St Marie Community Manager Voda
Mandy Hoffman
Mandy Hoffman Business Development Manager Burke's Restoration
Marcus Alcaraz
Marcus Alcaraz Community Manager The Stinson
Marcus Thompson
Marcus Thompson Executive Portfolio Manager FPI Management
Marge Forsberg
Marge Forsberg Assistant Community Manager Origin
Marina Rodrigo Singh
Marina Rodrigo Singh President & Founder Blu
Mario Manriquez
Mario Manriquez Community Manager Alto Apartments
Marisa Courtney
Marisa Courtney Management Sales Manager The Sherwin Williams Co.
Mark Bangcaya
Mark Bangcaya Senior Business Consultant Zillow Rentals
Mark Haldi
Mark Haldi Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Mark Hutcheson
Mark Hutcheson Regional Property Manager Allied Residential
Mark Stack
Mark Stack Service Supervisor Greystar Real Estate Services
Marni Pierce
Marni Pierce director Greystar Real Estate Services
Marsha Newman
Marsha Newman Vice President, Urban Forest Sales A Plus Tree, Inc
Marta Mckie
Marta Mckie Property Manager Waterscape Juanita
Mary Brown
Mary Brown Community Director View by Vintage
Matt Berg
Matt Berg Associate Investment Manager Thrive Communities
Matt Tuell
Matt Tuell Portfolio Manager Allied Residential
Megan Phelps
Megan Phelps Operations Education Director AMLI - Spring District
Megan Raff
Megan Raff Area Manager-Renovations Sales HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Megan Vuong
Megan Vuong Community Manager Circa Green Lake
Melanie Bell
Melanie Bell Property Manager Constellation
Melinda Wiggs
Melinda Wiggs Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Melissa Leathem
Melissa Leathem Community Manager Monterra
Melissa Meloni
Melissa Meloni Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Melonie Shamley
Melonie Shamley Director, Real Estate Greystar Real Estate Services
Mica Abenojar
Mica Abenojar Senior Account Manager - Consumer Development CenturyLink
Micah Kemp
Micah Kemp Service Supervisor Parkside by Lincoln Property Company
Michael Mendenhall
Michael Mendenhall Leasing Specialist Stadium Place
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor Sr. Property Manager The Meyden
Michael Virdell
Michael Virdell Maintenance Supervisor Pillar
Michelle Daschuk
Michelle Daschuk National Account Director Parcel Pending
Michelle Delorme
Michelle Delorme Community Manager Rose Crest at Talus
Michelle Flis
Michelle Flis Assistant Community Manager Greystar
Michelle Kamerer
Michelle Kamerer Assistant Business Manager Renwood
Michelle Rautenberg
Michelle Rautenberg Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Mike Andy
Mike Andy Sales Territory Account Manager AFB Floors
Mike Cassel
Mike Cassel
Mike Gladfelder
Mike Gladfelder Director of Business Development Alliance Flooring Services
Mike Simons
Mike Simons President Allied Residential
Mikey Clark
Mikey Clark Regional Manager Coast Property Management
Mikki Kylen
Mikki Kylen Area Manager The Carter Apartments
Milton Brady
Milton Brady Atlas Apts
Minako McCoy
Minako McCoy Floater Allied Residential
Mindy Hart
Mindy Hart Area Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Miranda Hekimian
Miranda Hekimian Manager, Operations Greystar Real Estate Services
misael calderon
misael calderon Maintenance First Pointe Management Group
Misty Cozzitorto
Misty Cozzitorto Regional Director Thrive Communities
Morgan Cole
Morgan Cole Marketing Associate GRE Management
Morgan Layne
Morgan Layne Senior Account Executive, Sales Yardi
Nakeyah Knight
Nakeyah Knight Community Manager Borgata Apartments and Townhomes
Naomi Cassidy
Naomi Cassidy Assistant Manager AMLI - Spring District
Natalie McCartney
Natalie McCartney General Manager McCartney Industries LLC
Natasha Amira
Natasha Amira Director of Asset Management Avenue5 Residential
Natasha Sparks
Natasha Sparks Community Manager The Wilcox
Nate Flesch
Nate Flesch Senior Account Manager Servpro of Seattle Northwest
Nathan Huscusson
Nathan Huscusson Assistant Community Manager Thrive Communities
Navid Akhlaghi Raveshti
Navid Akhlaghi Raveshti The Merc
Nicholas Crum
Nicholas Crum Regional Director Thrive Communities
Nick Abernathy
Nick Abernathy Portfolio Maintenance Director Epic Asset Management, Inc
Nick Robertson
Nick Robertson National Account Manager Lowe's Pro Supply
Nick Tyree
Nick Tyree President Guided Fitness Inc
Nickolas Daskalakis
Nickolas Daskalakis Community Manager East Union
Nicole Crumb
Nicole Crumb Community Manager Altitude 104
Nicole Kellogg
Nicole Kellogg Community Manager Alexan 100
Nicole Ladouceur
Nicole Ladouceur Property Manager Elan Redmond Town Center
Nicole Mata
Nicole Mata Community Manager Harbor Manor
Nicole Premus
Nicole Premus Community Manager Martha Lake
Niki Rubalcaba
Niki Rubalcaba Talent Development Associate Greystar Real Estate Services
Nikki Bailey
Nikki Bailey Regional Property Manager Greystar
Nisha Wilson
Nisha Wilson Business Manager Glacier Run
Olga Mezgova
Olga Mezgova Marketing Specialist HNN Communities
Olivia Lindsey
Olivia Lindsey Community Manager Epic Asset Management, Inc
Olya Iakomi
Olya Iakomi Marketing Specialist Yardi Systems
Paige Moore
Paige Moore Property Manager Keeler's Corner
Pam McKenna
Pam McKenna Managing Director Greystar Real Estate Services
Pascal Coufal
Pascal Coufal Property Manager The Century
Pat Garry
Pat Garry Director of Business Development Wave G
Pat McKenna
Pat McKenna Sales Representative - Floorcovering - N King Co. The Sherwin Williams Co.
Patrick Stullick
Patrick Stullick VP Cushman & Wakefield
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan Account Manager Malone's Landscape Management, Inc.
Paul Edgeman
Paul Edgeman VP of Marketing & Technology Thrive Communities
Paul Sims
Paul Sims Sales Rep - Floorcovering - Pierce/Thruston/Kitsap The Sherwin Williams Co.
Phil Nored
Phil Nored President Emeritus HNN Communities
Phillip Barnet
Phillip Barnet Regional Service Manager Griffis Lake Washington
Rachel Dingeldey
Rachel Dingeldey Management Coordinator Greystar Real Estate Services
Rachel Sullivan
Rachel Sullivan Operations Analyst Thrive Communities
Rachel Tessel
Rachel Tessel Regional Manager Assistant Thrive Communities
Rachele Potts
Rachele Potts Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Raelyn Hawkinson
Raelyn Hawkinson Community Manager Stonemeadow Farms
Randi Kisskeys-Sanchez
Randi Kisskeys-Sanchez Regional Property Manager Cushman & Wakefield
Raul Perez
Raul Perez Six Oaks Apartments
Raven Verbarg
Raven Verbarg Community Manager Rosewood Club Apartments
Raymond Glenn
Raymond Glenn Account Manager Sprague Pest Solutions
Rebecca Diaz
Rebecca Diaz Resident Relations Specialist HNN Communities
Rebecca Kline
Rebecca Kline Senior Director Greystar Real Estate Services
Rebecca Prengel
Rebecca Prengel Senior Sales Associate Dimension By Alta
Rebecca Wright
Rebecca Wright Assistant Property Manager O2
Regan Sindayen
Regan Sindayen Regional Maintenance Manager Axis
Rheanna Hare
Rheanna Hare Assistant Community Manager Lake Washington
Richard Hughes
Richard Hughes Maintenance Supervisor The Arbors at Edgewood
Rita Rodriguez
Rita Rodriguez Senior Property Manager Valley Springs
RJ Valera
RJ Valera AMLI - South Lake Union
Rob Pendleton
Rob Pendleton Regional Sales Director HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Robert Bryant
Robert Bryant Bailey Farm Apartments
Robert Lansche
Robert Lansche Regional Sales Genesis Credit Management
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez District Manager Center Steps
Robyn Neihart
Robyn Neihart Account Manager Malone's Landscape Management, Inc.
Rocky Jeet
Rocky Jeet Regional Property Manager Fairways Apartments
Roger Douglas
Roger Douglas Belfor Restoration
Ron Burkhardt
Ron Burkhardt Area Vice President AMLI Residential
Ron Voigt
Ron Voigt Sales Rep AFB Floors
Rose Manos
Rose Manos Regional Property Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Rose O'Dell
Rose O'Dell CEO and President Thrive Communities
RoseMarie Peyton
RoseMarie Peyton Regional Manager Tarragon Property Services
Roslynn Briggs
Roslynn Briggs Associate Vice President/CAPS Coast Property Management
Ruchelle Erwin
Ruchelle Erwin Regional Director Thrive Communities
Rudy Monzon
Rudy Monzon Field Account Representative HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Russ Pengelly
Russ Pengelly VP, Business Development ApartmentAdvisor Inc
Ryan Malone
Ryan Malone Operations Manager Malone's Landscape Management, Inc.
Sabrin Kassem
Sabrin Kassem Portfolio Manager HNN Communities
Sabrina Price
Sabrina Price Community Manager The Woodlands
Salena Garberg
Salena Garberg Leasing Professional Griffis North Creek Bothell
Samantha Pletsch
Samantha Pletsch Marketing Associate Greystar Real Estate Services
Sandra Regmi
Sandra Regmi Community Manager Solara
Sara Yazdani
Sara Yazdani Multi-Site Leasing Consultant Thrive Communities
Sarah Criswell
Sarah Criswell Community Manager Woodside East
Sarah Hart
Sarah Hart Regional Manager Sares Regis Group
Sarah Pace
Sarah Pace Regional Manager Hyde Square
Schick Soto
Schick Soto Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Scott Snyder
Scott Snyder Regional Sales Executive Grace Hill
Scott VanLaningham
Scott VanLaningham Business Consultant, Rentals Zillow Rentals
Sergey Sheremet
Sergey Sheremet Maintenance Supervisor Avenue5 Residential
Shae Gamble
Shae Gamble Digital Marketing Specialist Security Properties Residential
Shannon Hammond
Shannon Hammond Regional Manager Greystar Real Estate Services
Shannon Mitchell
Shannon Mitchell Senior Area Director Weidner Apartment Homes
Shannon Roberts
Shannon Roberts Community Manager Signature Apartments
Shannon Stine
Shannon Stine Property Manager Cushman Wakefield
Shar Eller
Shar Eller Sr. Technical Trainer ConAm Management
Shaun Hudson
Shaun Hudson Strategic Account Manager AFB Floors
Shawn Brien
Shawn Brien Chief Marketing Officer Servpro of Seattle Northwest
Sheilagh Snyder
Sheilagh Snyder Multi-Site Community Manager Pike Flats
Shelly Gil
Shelly Gil Regional Manager Woodspear Properties
Sheri Druckman
Sheri Druckman Vice President of Business Development Sares Regis Group
Sherilyn Butler
Sherilyn Butler Regional Property Manager Lincoln Property Company
Sherry Reed
Sherry Reed Senior Investment Manager Indigo Real Estate Services
Sidneigh Barks
Sidneigh Barks Assistant Property Manager The Maverick
Sidney Mitchell
Sidney Mitchell Senior Community Manager Talisman Apartments
Sierra Berg
Sierra Berg Marketing Manager Pillar Properties
Sloane Cerbana
Sloane Cerbana Director of Career Development WMFHA
Sonni Dennison
Sonni Dennison District Manager Avenue5 Residential
Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair Assistant Property Manager Waterscape Juanita
Spencer Graff
Spencer Graff VP - North Puget Sound Alliance Flooring Services
Spencer McMillan
Spencer McMillan Sales Manager Home Depot Pro - Multifamily
Stacey Litt
Stacey Litt Community Manager 77 Central
Stephanie Richardson
Stephanie Richardson Field Marketing Specialist Avenue5 Residential
Stephanie Robicheau
Stephanie Robicheau Marketing Manager Allied Residential
Stephanie Stacy
Stephanie Stacy Vice President Avenue5 Residential
Stephanie Wyrick
Stephanie Wyrick Sales Director Parcel Pending
Steve Davis
Steve Davis Chief Operating Officer Avenue5 Residential
Susan Clausnitzer
Susan Clausnitzer Regional Director of Education ConAm Management
Susan Good
Susan Good Compliance Manager Thrive Communities
Susan Hernandez
Susan Hernandez Assistant Community Manager Griffis North Creek Bothell
Sylvia Ortega-Jones
Sylvia Ortega-Jones Corporate Events Manager Avenue5 Residential
Tag Cheney
Tag Cheney VP - Tri Cities Alliance Flooring Services
Tali Reiner
Tali Reiner Vice President Security Properties Residential
Tara Long
Tara Long Field Account Rep HD Supply Facilities Maintenance
Tasha Witherspoon
Tasha Witherspoon Community Manager Pillar Properties
Tashana Murphy
Tashana Murphy Community Manager Bella Terra
Taylor Dow
Taylor Dow Regional Manager Tower 801
Taylor Reed
Taylor Reed Regional Manager Avenue5 Residential
Temesha Aldridge
Temesha Aldridge Community Manager Sawyer Trail
Thomas Schwarz
Thomas Schwarz Community Manager Epic Asset Management
Tiffany Atwood
Tiffany Atwood Commerial Development Manager ServiceMaster of Seattle
Tiffany O'Byrne
Tiffany O'Byrne Multi-Site Property Manager Avery on Pearl
Tim Jellum
Tim Jellum Regional Manager Mill Creek Residential
Timothy Satterwhite
Timothy Satterwhite
Tina Boone
Tina Boone Vice President of Operations Cushman & Wakefield
Tina Pappas
Tina Pappas President Tarragon Property Services
Tisha Goodman
Tisha Goodman Regional Manager Rockwood Property Management
Todd Brucchieri
Todd Brucchieri Community Manager Mount Si
Todd Hildebrand
Todd Hildebrand Senior Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Torri Magee
Torri Magee Director of Client Services Thrive Communities
Travis Maxwell
Travis Maxwell Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Trevor McNichols
Trevor McNichols Senior Community Manager Bower Village
Trin Cardenas
Trin Cardenas Sales Manager ABODA by RESIDE
Trisha Kenney
Trisha Kenney Property Manager Avaya Ridge
Troy Chin
Troy Chin Maintenance Supervisor The Reserve at Bucklin Hill
Troy Costello
Troy Costello Regional Manager Thrive Communities
Ty Fowler
Ty Fowler Regional Account Executive - Spokane Alliance Flooring Services
Tyler Amsler
Tyler Amsler Sales Associate U Place
Tyler Patton
Tyler Patton Senior Maintenance Supervisor Pillar Properties
Tyler Tallquist
Tyler Tallquist The Sherwin Williams Co.
Tyson Ocheltree
Tyson Ocheltree Property Manager 2000 Lake Washington
Valentyn Kostenkov
Valentyn Kostenkov Maintenance Manager Solara
Valerie Koontz
Valerie Koontz Regional Operations Specialist ConAm Management
Valerie Rosmith
Valerie Rosmith Community Manager Helm
Vicky Park
Vicky Park Territory Sales Representative AFB Floors
Wendy Schutzler
Wendy Schutzler VP of Multifamily Sales AFB Floors
Will Conroy
Will Conroy Business Development Manager Wave G
Yvette Piche
Yvette Piche Community Manager Alderwood Park
Zachary Jaeger
Zachary Jaeger Renovation Specialist AFB Floors
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith Property Manager Avenue5 Residential
Zachary Thoman
Zachary Thoman Community Manager Alexan 100
744 Other Registered Attendees

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