City of Burien Seeks Tenant Protections

Posted By: Brett Waller Advocacy News,

The Fox Cove Apartments in Burien recently sold and new owners are seeking to renovate and improve the property.  The prior owner allowed the property to fall into disrepair, with allegations of mold and mildew on the interior of the units and failed to provide basic property maintenance.  In order to complete the renovations, residents must relocate from the property but, residents say the termination notices they received are unfair.

Previously, at the October 1 City Council meeting, the Council directed city staff to draft an emergency ordinance requiring "90 days' notice prior to terminating the tenancy for reasons that would otherwise not be cause for eviction."  Because this proposal would not have affected residents at the Fox Cove Apartments, city staff are instead presenting this proposal as an option.  

Tonight, city staff will present a range of options to the City Council ranging from 90 days' notice to terminate, just cause eviction, requirements to notify the city when a property is listed for sale and broader tenant protections that further exacerbate the housing crisis and take away key methods to protect the health and safety of all renters in the community.  

UPDATE: The City Council approved a resolution to create a stakeholder group to enact a tenant protections ordinance at a future date. 

Take Action:

Contact the Burien City Council and share your perspective as a housing provider.

Attend the Burien City Council meeting tonight beginning at 7:00 pm.

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