From Meetup to Membership: Nationwide Energy

Posted By: Kelly Wakefield Articles ,

"I saw an ad on for Tapas & Topics, clicked on Tricia's name to inquire about attending, and she responded back immediately." 

Johnny Kessler's first impression of WMFHA was at Tapas & Topics. He got a warm, welcoming feeling, made some great connections, and we seemed on top of things. His colleague agreed and they got signed up right away.

With, Johnny and his colleagues were able to get in front of the multifamily industry by simply attending our free monthly networking events. Those connections were so fruitful that Johnny got one of their partners, Teldata, to sign up as well. 

When Johnny moved to a new company, he was sure to take WMFHA with him. He felt that a company's membership was so beneficial, he even paid for the membership out of his own pocket. If it weren't for his engagement in the association, he says he would have to be out knocking on doors to get business.

Nationwide Energy is a solar company that is leading the country in clean energy solutions. They are based in Portland, Oregon and Johnny is their local Puget Sound representative. His first time representing Nationwide was at our Tapas & Topics in January. He had a lot of people excited about green energy and asking a lot of questions.

"If you establish yourself as a member of the community, it’s a great investment. WMFHA is giving me the ability to network and rub shoulders with people who make decisions instead of having to do it on my own."

Part of establishing yourself is showing up at events and volunteering on committees. Johnny joined the Government Affairs Committee, attended Day on the Hill, is signed up for our Supplier Success course, and can be spotted at most of our Tapas & Topics networking events. The next event you can meet Johnny at will be EdCon featuring Maintenance Mania! on April 17. He will be exhibiting on the trade show floor and providing green energy solutions to apartment owners and managers to share with their residents. 

We would like to thank Johnny for jumping right into his association to advocate for our industry, educate himself, and celebrate opportunities to learn, connect, and grow together with WMFHA!